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A Return to Life

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

There are so few things that are truly magical in this world. When time stops and your heart races, adrenaline and energy flows between so many people with innumerous emotions. After finding such a fulfilling endeavor, it is hard to live without it. In this techno world of instant gratification, constant commercial bombardment and the incessant money grabs of the modern media-crazed-corporate-theocracy, it’s easy to get distracted. It is easy to listen to the hype, the snake oil salesmen and the drug toting sleazes, that your creation is ready for the mass consumption of Frank Zappa’s infamous teenage material consuming “Debbie.”

Life throws in some turns. All of sudden, you hate it all: the scene, the work, the people, the “friends.” And what was once precious is gone, evaporated, dissolved.

Life can also throw you back on the path. Time off, reflection, reconnection. To go on without that pure and innocent energy would be folly. It’s the reason why amateur athletes and honest performers offer the most mind-blowing experiences because they lose themselves in the moment. Not in their stats or sales or reviews.

I will be picking up one of my greatest loves again. With the renewed energy and passion that existed before the wheeling and dealing, before the salesmen, and before the numbness.

Stay tuned.

Don’t sue your briefs manufacturer

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Thanks to my honey for sending this gem.

Windows 7: “I’m up here, boys!”

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

From user tenzig_112 (213387) on Slashdot, upon the release of Windows 7.  This is along the same vein as my “band/girlfriend relationship” philosophy applied to new operating systems.  Pretty damn funny.

I get the impression that the Windows 7 launch is a lot like seeing an old girlfriend suddenly show up on your doorstep wanting to get back together. She’s had some work done, apparently: stomach stapling to take off some of the weight, breast augmentation, and a radical nosejob to make her look as much like your current girlfriend as medical science will allow.

She’s pretty, of course, almost too pretty. She still wears far too much makeup and carries that desperate look in her eyes. The fragrant haze around her is the perfume she overuses to mask the scent of failure.

But standing there in that low-cut top, you’d almost forget for a moment what a psycho she was- how she used to shut down in the middle of a date and forget everything you were talking about and how she was only happy when you were buying her things. You’d almost forget about carrying around her legacy baggage or those nights when, for seemingly no reason at all, she would simply stop speaking to you and when you asked what was wrong she’d just spit a string of hex code at you and expect you to figure it out.

You complained about her for years before finally deciding to get rid of her, and here she is again. Though, somehow she seems like a completely different person now.

“I’m up here,” she says when she catches you staring at her chest.

Tempted though you may be, you know that over time she’ll get bored and slow down on you just like she always does. And then you’ll be right back where you started: trapped. She keeps you by convincing you that you don’t have a choice. You’re just not smart enough for one option or rich enough to afford the other.

“But I’m different now,” she says, batting her eyes innocently. “I’ve changed.”

Indeed she has. Apparently, she’s really into Cabala now or something like that. It’s helped her discover loads of untapped potential in herself. But it also means that you’ll have to buy all new furniture to fit with her understanding of feng shui. That’s not the only change she has in store for you. The minute you let her move in, she’ll have a new alarm system put in that succeeds only in preventing your friends from coming over on poker night.

She doesn’t love you, but she doesn’t hate you, either. The truth is that she couldn’t care less one way or the other. She’s here because she doesn’t want to be alone. Like all human beings, especially those well past their prime, she wants to feel wanted and, after a string of lost jobs and bad investments, she needs a place to stay.

But all in all, she’s OK. She’s a seven. She’ll do, I guess.

Roxy the pitbull

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

It occurs to me I have never posted pictures of our dog Roxy here.  Which is odd, cause on Facebook she is everywhere.

SWC Xtreme HOT Review (cont’d)

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

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